ESPN CreativeWorks Case Study: Constraints Breed Creativity

Being nimble and adapting to changing circumstances is how ESPN operates during normal times. These are obviously anything but normal times -- and we have all needed to pivot. ESPN CreativeWorks found new solutions to produce fan-favorite content even when physical productions were not possible. This case study gives a brief overview of two recent projects the team worked on in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


  • VP ESPN CreativeWorks and MSI: Carrie Brzezinski-Hsu

  • VP Production: Anthony Nelson

  • Senior Creative Director: Jay Marrotte

  • Creative Director: Jamie Overkamp

  • Creative Director: Paul Meehan

  • Associate Creative Director: Genta Nakahara

  • Writer: Andy Truong

  • Senior Director of Production: Kyle Wright

  • Associate Producer II: Nick Aquilino

  • Associate Producer II: Michael Prado

  • Associate Producer II: Jacquelyn Zawilinski

  • Director of Branded Integration: Brett Becks

  • Assoc Dir of Branded Integration: Jamie Eschricht

  • Graphic Artist: Angela Virsinger

  • Director of Talent Production and Athlete Casting: Lisa A. Stokes

  • Director of Talent Planning and Management : Chris Duffy

  • Director of Production Development and Operations: Melanie Adelberg

  • Associate Director of Production Development and Operations: Kristen Cook

  • Production Development and Operations Manager: Kristen Tarchini

  • Developer: Janice Algenio

  • Associate Developer: Alex Reid

  • Director MSI: Paul Wilson

  • Manager MSI: Kaity Craig

  • Social Media Branded Content Specialist: Nicole Gartner

  • Editor: Matt Nodland

  • Editor: Phil Schreibman

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