Rankings Reaction Product Integration­­

ESPN Production, CreativeWorks and Cheez-It partnered to deliver next-level brand integration into our Digital Live College Football Rankings Reaction show across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the ESPN App. Through six episodes, Cheez-It product and branded elements (trophy, helmet, pillows etc.) were featured prominently in our studio, which happens to be Mike Golic Jr.’s living room. Cheez-It also received a sponsored Crunch Time segment featuring the best CFB highlights of the past week.

Cheez-It RRPI 4
Cheez-It RRPI 2
Cheez-It RRPI 3


  • Senior Creative Director: Jay Marrotte

  • Director MSI: Paul Wilson

  • Creative Director: Jamie Overkamp

  • Social Media Branded Content Specialist: Nicole Gartner

  • Senior Director Digital & Social Video­: Mike Foss

  • Associate Producer Digital & Social Video­: Caroline Fenton

  • Producer Digital & Social Video­: Jon Luna

  • Associate Producer II Digital & Social Video: Marissa Bruno

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