US Open 2018

The US Open stands alone in the world of tennis: it’s not only our national championship and the culminating event of the Grand Slam calendar, but also showcases a unique New York atmosphere and competitive intensity all its own. It’s a fitting stage where the greats build on their legends and hopefuls shine bright under the lights. 2018 marked 50 epic years of the US Open. To celebrate this golden anniversary, CW partnered with multi-disciplined artist, Jessie Bearden, to create a masterpiece using the storied court as her canvas.

With over 3900 tennis balls, 232 rackets, 25 bags, 7 nets, 500 antique gold paint cans, and 22 hours of production, we constructed a multi-faceted brand campaign that told the story of the US Open’s vibrant past and bright future. It took two locations to accomplish our goal: an art studio interior where we constructed custom mood boards showing tennis artistry over the years, as well as the world famous blue courts of the US Tennis Center where so much history has been made.

The campaign was supported by topical storytelling in every stage of the tournament.

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