College football is here and since fans aren't able to attend games like they normally would, Dos Equis is bringing game day to them. At least the parts of game day that have to do with beer. In these spots we see college football experts Chris Fowler and Maria Taylor hosting their own 'home-gate' when Dos Equis shows up with a stadium concession stand (with a twist) and a cooler that keeps them close to beer and socially distant from people.


  • Vice President, ESPN Creative Studio: Carrie Brzezinski-Hsu

  • Vice President: Anthony Nelson

  • Vice President: Jay Marrotte

  • Creative Director: Jamie Overkamp

  • Writer: Andy Truong

  • Senior Director: Kyle Wright

  • Producer: Michael Prado

  • Director of Talent Planning and Management : Chris Duffy

  • Director of Brand Connect: Joe Knaus

  • Production Company: Framework

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