Cinematic Trailers Sizzle Reel

Aligning the infinite reach and power of SportsCenter with boundless creativity and production value, Cinematic Trailers organically promote a sponsor’s brand by tapping into the excitement of a highly anticipated event, or a look back at an awe-inspiring moment from the past, leveraging the iconic SportsCenter set.


  • Vice President, ESPN Creative Studio: Carrie Brzezinski-Hsu

  • Vice President: Anthony Nelson

  • Director, Branded Integration: Brett Becks

  • Associate Creative Director: Ira Fritz

  • Associate Director Concept Dev: Jason Vega

  • Sr Manager Sports Business Solutions: Evelyn Bray

  • Sr Preditor Production: Matthew Jason

  • Coordinating Preditor Production: Bryan Bishop

  • Coordinating Preditor Production: Mike Berggren

  • Coordinating Preditor Production: Mark Maynard

  • Lead Preditor Production: Lauren Vassallo

  • Lead Preditor Production: Todd Anderson

  • Senior Director: Paul Wilson

  • Manager: Kaity Baker

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